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Chelsea Wolfe (3D). Gorilla, Manchester. 2014.

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Bluetooth Speaker Is A Levitating Death Star Of Sound

The Om One is a Bluetooth speaker with an anti-gravitational twist. It hovers and spins in mid-air, spitting out tunes like some sleek Death Star of sound.

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There’s something so obsessive and wild about this Brazilian producers’ collaboration, something so angry and sexy at the same time. It formally feels Jersey-club, but with an entirely different set of sounds. That thing that just keeps you listening, that even though “AQUECIMENTO” is mostly formed from short, uneasy repetitions, there’s an intense forward motion. And then, before you know it, the two minutes is up and the song disappears. You can feel the wild energy of the studio, with influences from many people all pushed in. The track seems representative of a creative overflow of ideas, and perhaps instead of editing down, all was pushed forward in its messy, raw glory. And even though there’s so much real, human noise, “AQUECIMENTO” still seems so enigmatic and inhumanly strange, representative of ideas rather than emotions. Though I may be putting that unfairly upon it because I don’t speak a lick of Portuguese.

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Chaka Khan being a Goddess.

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Some people think that women are meant to be passive, obedient objects with nothing to say, but these chicks show that they can be more aggressive, opinionated, and independent than others want them to believe.

 ✿ oh bondage up yours! // X-RAY SPEX ✿ bruise violet // BABES IN TOYLAND ✿ i believe in me // THE AVENGERS no offense // SLUTEVER eating toothpaste // BRATMOBILE diet pill // L7 white boy // BIKINI KILL don't // FIFTH COLUMN monster snack // THE THIRD SEX one sided society // THE DEVOTCHKAS shut up slut // BARB WIRE DOLLS can the can // SUZI QUATRO sick of it all // THE DISTILLERS bunk trunk skunk // BE YOUR OWN PET retard girl // HOLE ✿ suburban relapse // SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES do you want me on my knees? // THE NUNS dirty queer (rock n roll) // ATOMIC TANLINES your phone's off the hook but you're not // X st. what's her name // THE LOIS you don't own me // LESLEY GORE just a girl // NO DOUBT just   go away // BLONDIE typical girls // THE SLITS in control (you think you're) // LIPSTICK HOMICIDE get out of my head // HEAVENS TO BETSY song for anne bannon // TEAM DRESCH right in the eye // THE MUFFS putin lights up the fires // PUSSY RIOT c'mon // THE RUNAWAYS 
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Check out our interview with andrewjacksonjihad by Paige of transientrandom-noisebursts:

Andrew Jackson Jihad​’s Sean Bonnette and I discuss teenaged Jesus, drawings of dicks, and his songwriting inspiration while smoking cigarettes on a curb in front of a dumpster before their show at West Hollywood’s Troubadour theater.

How did the band initially get together?

Me and the bass player, Ben, started working at a coffee shop in 2004 together and we started the band after we became friends that way. We were a band for a long time; we switched out a lot of members. Most of the time it was just me and him, just bass and guitar, but for our last record Knife Man, we decided to take a band on the road to have some of the more fleshed out songs sound actually fleshed out live. Sometimes we still tour just us two but this is the band we toured with last time, plus the guy that sells our t-shirts, Mark, also now plays cello.

Did you write the songs with cello in mind or did you add it in afterwards?

This new record is the first record where we actually got to practice the record as a band and work on arrangements together. It was very collaborative this time.

So I have a few questions not quite related to anything in particular…

Sure! I love those kinds of questions.

Cool! There are a couple themes that I’ve noticed. So the song “Jesus”… I was wondering if you had any insight as to why it’s just so great when people add the work ‘baby’ in front of it. It just makes everything so much better, like in Talladega Nights, and a couple of months ago when I met a guy who, living “off the grid”, likely hasn’t seen this movie but said, “What? You don’t think baby Jesus smokes pot?”

Well it brings a certain image to mind of a baby, and babies doing adult things are funny. You know, the idea that the savior of the human race is a baby is pretty cool. If you take a step back, regardless of what your religion is, I think that’s kind of silly and funny. It’s kind of like… yeah, I don’t know, it’s not really like that. It just brings babies to mind and yeah, it’s super funny. That Talladega Nights conversation, or scene is really awesome. That scene reminds me of my grandma because my grandma thanks the baby Jesus for everything. She doesn’t thank adult Jesus or teenage Jesus.

No one thanks teenage Jesus. You have quite a few songs about Jesus or with Jesus in it. Do you have some special feelings towards Jesus? Or just what is your view on that?

My view on Jesus is that the historical Jesus is a pretty awesome guy. If the texts are correct, he sounds kind of like a guy I’d want to hang out with and a guy that I’d admire. He took care of people in need and is a pretty solid dude. The unfortunate thing is that since then, many religions have taken different perceptions of him and have used his name and image to do things that are not really in line with what Jesus would be into.

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25 Perfect Drinking Songs for Lazy Summer Evenings

Classes start in one week! Get drinking!


dotn touch my *vintage* bob dylan vinyls i got at the thrift store or my pastel crosley turntable *puts on ray bans* anyway here’s creep by wonderwall

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Meet rapper & actor Common at Amoeba Hollywood Wednesday 7/23 at 7:30pm! Passes to the signing line available with purchase of his new album, Nobody’s Smiling, in-store at Amoeba starting Tuesday 7/22. Space is limited. Details.


tim-sliwinski: Slowdive, 1993